San Diego Band Skyterra’s Debut Video Goes Viral, Gains International Attention


SAN DIEGO, CA, November 4, 2017 - San Diego-based band Skyterra - winner of Best New Artist at the 2017 San Diego Music Awards - continues to gain momentum as their first music video reaches viral status within days of its release, garnering thousands of new fans daily and paving the way for a successful upcoming launch of their debut EP, Over The Edge.


Since premiering on Facebook on October 20th, the video for “Strange Places” has received over 70,000 views and nearly 2,000 shares. Its success was nearly curtailed, however, after Facebook inexplicably flagged the video three days after its release. According to Skyterra co-founder Chetan Sky, “Facebook claimed the video violated their policy, but we read through it, and can’t find anything about our video that goes against their policy. They even shut down Melissa’s Facebook account! We petitioned them several times for an explanation, but they refused, so we still have no clue what the problem was.” After doing a little online sleuthing, Skyterra found similar stories of other accounts getting shut down without explanation after posting videos that went viral, leaving account holders with no other choice but to pay exorbitant advertising fees to allow their viral video to continue to reach an audience. “It seems pretty suspicious, and super frustrating, but we received a ton of fan support when we told them about it, which helped a lot.” Fortunately for the band, Facebook decided not to remove Skyterra’s psychedelic animated video (think The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”), allowing it to continue amassing an international audience, with old and new fans alike sharing “Strange Places” across social media.


The video for “Strange Places” can be found on Skyterra’s Facebook page:


Skyterra currently consists of band members Chetan Sky, Melissa Evans, Carlos Morales and Jon Berghouse. Formed in late 2016, the “psychedelic dream rock” band has quickly gained popularity in Southern California, playing at popular venues and festivals throughout the region.


On November 10th, Skyterra will release their debut EP, Over The Edge, with a show at the famed San Diego House of Blues. In addition, Skyterra is offering a unique interactive experience leading up to the EP’s release, with special behind the scenes footage, deep personal stories about the songs, and more. This immersive, interactive pre-release experience will take place on their website (, and by email, beginning November 6th.  

For information about the “Strange Places” video, or their forthcoming EP and House of Blues show, please contact Skyterra at

8/10/17: Blog Review for our single, 'Strange Places'

YabYum Music and Arts

"This alt-rock band is making waves in SoCal with their atmospherically uplifting soundscapes. Skyterra fuses ethereal vocals with expansive instrumentals in the style of alternative artists like Radiohead and Portishead… you know, the head-y bands. There’s a little bit more of a dreampop litheness to on “Strange Places” and, fair warning, it just might echo in your head long after that first listen. Make sure you stick around for the full track because a second voice kicks in after the 2-minute-mark that gives the single a unique balance; a grounding or tether, if you will, to the more angelic tones of other vocalist."

Mytacism Music - 

"‘Strange Places’ sounds just how the title suggests. Skyterra places you in a strange soundscape that’s full of otherworldy sounds, making you feel almost extraterrestrial, as the vocals reach shattering highs that will leave you quivering."


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Strange Places - SKYTERRA
Don't Miss Me - SKYTERRA
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Strange Places Music Video


The band is currently working on new music, stay tuned, shows will be coming soon.


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